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No need to provide your own customer service team, no need to duplicate the technical team, and you can get objective profits with simple promotion.

Co-op mode

You can choose the AFF promotion mode or the OEM brand mode of cooperation as needed

Referral Program

There is no need to invest funds, and a referral account is opened for free. Users can obtain corresponding income after placing an order from your promotion link or renewing the product ordered from your promotion link. You can withdraw the income to your bank account or third party. Third-party collection account.

Apply to be a referral

Register an account and complete real-name authentication

Share promotion link

Build customer associations through promotional links

Get rebate

During the validity period of the association, promote valid orders to get rebates

You can send promotional links to friends or group chats who need cloud products, or insert them into your website, APP, or applet in the form of advertisements

Users consume from your referral link, or the revenue from subsequent renewals will be credited to your referral account in real time

The income in the referral account reaches the withdrawal threshold and can be withdrawn to the balance on the site or the collection account you designate

The amount of income will not be the same each time. If the customer you refer has a high consumption amount, your income will also be higher. You can enter your referral account to view the current rate of return information.

OEM brand cooperation

A certain amount of prepayment is required to provide you with an exclusive price for the resource pool
You can have an independent site like this site to develop your brand
The order amount is automatically transferred from your It is deducted from the prepayment, and you can customize the sales price to earn the difference. When the user places an order on your site, it will be automatically activated through the API

Open OEM exclusive price

Contact customer service to activate

Create your own branding site

Promote and attract your customers

Grow your brand

Get higher revenue and reputation
OEM ratings and discounted prices

Up to 40% off best sellers, Silver and above Technical support and the theme of this site is attached


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